Friday, August 27, 2010

Summarizing Summer

I have received several complaints lately about my lack of blogging. We've just been enjoying our summer too much. But today, Jackson and I had to put our jackets on to play outside, and I realized that fall is approaching, so I better wrap up the summer stuff, which of course leads to a giant post with a bunch of random pictures from our summer. Enjoy.
The hat is too big, but did you notice the Space Needle in the background? This was taken at Alki Beach, a beautiful place that we didn't discover until the end of the summer. It will be at the top of our list next year.
Jackson actually really enjoys sight-seeing.
Taken at Gas Works Park. This is a view of the other side of the Space Needle. Sorry for all the boring tourist information. I've decided to have our blog printed into a book (or several books), so I'm trying to include more of the informative details, but its kind of boring for our readers who are just here to see cute pictures of Jackson. I don't know why he likes being thrown in the air like that, but he does.
Jackson spotted a plane. Look at that smile :)
Watching Daddy rock climb. It was a beautiful place up in the mountains in Snoqualmie Pass. I've really learned to appreciate escaping from the city once in a while. It makes me miss Idaho.
Jackson's facial expression: "Oh, come on, Mom. Why am I wearing an apron?"
Mom: "That's what happens when you go to an all girl birthday party."
Sticks are some of Jackson's favorite toys, and they are free every where you go. Now I understand why my dad used to complain when he built us a big swing-set and we played in the pile of dirt instead.
Rock climbing with Daddy, which we did a lot this summer. Don't worry, they aren't very high.
I suppose it was inevitable, but Jackson has taken a liking to golf.
And of course, the big change this summer: Jackson became a 2-year-old, which includes a big boy bed. (And by "big boy bed", I mean a queen size bed) He sprawls out, loves it, and if you ask, he'll describe it as "Soff an comfy", which is what he says every morning when I ask how he slept.

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