Friday, August 27, 2010


Jackson's cutest word right now is "sorry", which he pronounces "saw-knee". The letter R is hard to say, so he adapted the word for himself. It really does melt my heart everytime he says it. He always says it in a really sweet, little sad voice.
A few weeks ago, he got very good at saying it when I walked into the family room and found my carpet colored blue. (notice the blue hands in the picture below) As soon as I walked into the room, Jackson put his head down and started to cry. He knew he was in trouble. He avoided eye contact with me for about 30 minutes while I scrubbed the carpet and calmly, but sternly explained that we never color anything but paper. He kept crying and refusing to look at me and finally told me he wanted a nap. So I took him into his room and kissed him goodnight. As I was closing the door, I heard his timid little voice say, "Mommy. Saw-knee. Wuv you." You can't be mad after that.
And thank you Sol-U-Mel, because the carpet is fine now. What will I do when my supply runs out?


The Gotch Family said...

I am sure we can get you a replacement supply, after all you do still work for us. I am still awaiting the inevitable first marker incident. I am sure it is coming.

Lara said...

You'll be able to find a dealer...they get you hooked on Sol-U-Mel - it's the gateway cleaner.

Cute story. How can you be mad?