Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Washington Corn Maze

On Saturday we went to a corn maze. I didn't even know they had corn mazes in Washington. I guess I thought they were one of those Idaho treasures that everyone else thinks are lame. So we went to one that was about 30 miles north of Seattle. It was awesome. They have a whole farm set up with a petting zoo, play area, corn maze, bakery, pumpkin patch, putting course, etc. We had a blast. And the corn maze was shaped like the state of Washington, complete with real landmarks and roads. Most of the pictures were a little rough. There was a combination of bright sunshine, shadows from the corn, Jackson sprinting, and Tyler not realizing that I had left some weird camera settings on.
The hayride to the entrance of the maze
You entered along the "Idaho border"
About half way through, Jackson decided to be brave and started running off the path into the thick corn and hiding from us. It made me a little nervous because a couple of times he completely disappeared from view and would crouch down and wait silently while we called his name and crawled in after him.

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