Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Surprises

We had a good weekend, despite the fact that Tyler was gone for 5 days to an ASDA conference. It was hard to have him gone, but Jackson and I enjoyed some quality time together, and we had a few fun surprises too.
One of my sweet friends brought me a homemade fruit bouquet. It was so thoughtful of her that it almost made me cry. Jackson and I snapped a few quick pictures and then devoured it. It was delicious! She's so talented.
Saturday morning we awoke to another fun surprise. We did some indoor plant starts for our garden. It felt so early, but Seattle's planting season starts really early so we figured it was time. I was amazed to see these cute little plants pop up just 6 days after planting them. And of course, Tyler came home with gifts (even though they were just the free gifts that he got from vendors at the conference). Jackson enjoyed his little airplane, which he played make believe with all morning after Tyler got home. He would fly it around the room, land it on the couch, and then pretend to open a tiny little door in the side of the plane and say, "It's Daddy's plane. Daddy is home! He came home!" I thought it was really sweet.

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t.t.turner said...

Found your blog. Bwahaha!