Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A New Hobby

Jackson is currently obsessed with puzzles. And I have learned the vast difference between cheap puzzles and expensive puzzles. Nice puzzles are definately worth the money. Cheap puzzles fall apart and the pieces are distorted and won't stick together and are very frustrating to a 2-year-old. So over the past few weeks, we've been investing in some high-quality floor puzzles from Ross's, and Jackson has been in puzzle heaven.
My favorite part of the puzzles? When Jackson finishes one on his own and then stands up, holds his arms out, and yells "Tah-duh!" It makes me giggle every time.


Traci said...

Wow, I'm impressed. Seriously. I don't know if Lainy can do puzzles like that yet. Go Jackson!

Kent said...

Great puzzles. I wish I could jump into the picture and do one with Jackson! What a happy boy he is!

Kent, Grandpa