Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shamu & Sunshine

We had a fantastic week in San Diego with my mom and sisters. Jackson was in heaven. Sunshine, Shamu, sandy beaches, Whitney to play with him, and Grandma to spoil him. What more could he want? Although he did once make the comment, "I just want to play with daddy right now." (Tyler was in Peru)

Meeting Elmo was one of his favorites. After the problems we had with Halloween costumes, I thought he would be scared by the giant, fuzzy costume, but he ran right up and gave him a hug. I guess Elmo is the exception.

After we were done taking pictures, he kept saying,
"I want to meet Elmo again!"
Jackson is all wet in the picture because we just finished with the fountains (see the video at the bottom of this post)

Me and my mom

Jackson loved the deer in the petting zoo

He really loved them, and they were amazingly tolerant

Does anyone watch Scrubs re-runs like we do? He looks like he's doing JD's hide-the-nipple dance. It cracks me up.

This is how you know the day was a success

What a gorgeous beach. Jackson was an expert sand castle maker.

So here is Jackson enjoying the fountains. It started off as innocently putting his hands in the water. But once I realized I had spare shorts and a dry jacket in my purse, we decided to just let him go crazy.

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Traci said...

It looks so sunny and warm and fun! I'm so glad you guys got to go!