Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Pageant 2012

At our ward Christmas party, a few ladies put together a short nativity scene with the primary kids. They did it on short notice with no practice. It was amazing. The costumes were so cute. And when I went backstage to help get Jackson dressed, they said, "No, go back to your seat. This is supposed to be a surprise for the parents. We're taking care of everything." It was a pretty fun treat. And I'm impressed that these few ladies got so many toddlers dressed in the elaborate costumes.

It was fun to see Jackson once he was all ready. He was very proud dressed up as a shepard, although when he saw his dad, he got a little embarrassed and said, "I know, I know. I'm wearing a dress."
The video is pretty priceless. It's too long to upload, but maybe I'll have Tyler edit it down at some point. Jackson was cute, but the real show was a brother and sister pair that tried to ride one of the fake horses in the nativity scene. They had a big fight over the horse during the song. We were laughing so hard.

Jackson gets very specific with Santa. He is quite particular. The other day he asked me to take him back to the mall to "clarify" a few things for Santa. "I already told Santa that I want a Bumblebee Transformer, but I need to make sure he knows I want a Transformer coloring book that has all the Transformers, not just Bumblebee." Well Jackson, Santa might have already done his shopping.

The usual. Babies don't like Santa. That's just how it works.

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