Thursday, December 13, 2012

Preschool Fieldtrip

Jackson's preschool is amazing. We were so luck to stumble upon it, thanks to one of my friends. Last week, Jackson had a fieldtrip downtown, and my fabulous friend, Jenny, watched Fisher so that I could go with Jackson. It was pretty fun to ride the bus and see the amazing gingerbread house and teddy bear suite.

Beauty & the Beast - These gingerbread houses are crazy elaborate.

Alice in Wonderland Castle

Walking around downtown during the holiday season is pretty fun

The teddy bear suite was amazing. None of the pictures of it turned out, but it's awesome to see.

Fisher likes to go to the open gym at Jackson's preschool on Wednesdays, although he's not a fan of the bouncy houses. He usually dives out face first onto the gym floor when I try to put him in one.

Jackson's fashion sense is amazing. Snow boots & basketball shorts. He rocks this look pretty frequently.

I love this hat.

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