Friday, October 9, 2009

New School Clothes

Okay, so he isn't technically in school yet. But he did need new clothes because he's getting bigger and there was a Carter's Outlet in San Diego, so we kind of stocked up. Who can pass up $2 pants and $6 outfits. At least I resisted the $10 puffy vest. I decided I couldn't put him though that quite yet. I'm guessing those aren't very comfy on an active toddler. Anyway, here's my favorite of his new outfits (and the only one that already fits him.) I love his little smirk. This is why he gets a little spoiled. And yes, that's the Xbox controller. He doesn't actually play it, he just pretends to.

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Stefanie Sayre said...

super cute. I love little boys outfits. They look like normal grown up outfits all shrunken down! He looks great in his new clothes!