Sunday, October 11, 2009

Red Heads and Missionaries

Today in church, I noticed that one of the boys passing the sacrament had red hair the same color as my brother. No big deal. But then, he came and sat down next to the lady we were sharing a bench with, and he looked so much like Kevin. He even made the same faces. There were 3 expressions he made that were honestly exactly like Kevin. And you know who absolutely loved him? Jackson! I found out that his name was Spencer, and he played with Jackson for all of sacrament meeting. I know it is a silly response, but I kept crying because it kind of felt like Kevin was sitting right there next to me playing with Jackson. I had to stop looking at his face so I could keep myself under control.
Jackson has 2 amazing uncles on missions that he has not met yet. Alex is in Jamaica and Kevin is in Canada and they are both coming home in a few short months. I know that coming home is always hard on the missionaries, but we are so excited to welcome them back. Jackson cannot wait to meet them and finally get to play with his amazing uncles! I hope someday Jackson grows up to be just like them.

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