Sunday, October 4, 2009

San Diego

Jackson had his first trip to the beach. We flew down to San Diego for a week to visit my family while Tyler was busy in school. It was so much fun to see them and Jackson loved everything, especially the aquarium. He didn't really seem scared of the water at all. He walked right out there and then held very still while the waves moved around him.
I couldn't get any picutres of him looking at the camera because he was so distracted by everything around him, but this is kind of a funny serious expression. It looks like it should be a DVD cover for an action/adventure movie where Jackson is an FBI agent or something.
The giant whale fountain at the aquarium.
The tide pools at the aquarium. Jackson was much more concerned about splashing than looking at the little creatures in the water.
He was so cute at the aquarium. He would point at every fish that swam past him and then make sure we all saw what he was looking at by making little chirping sounds as he pointed.
And the cutest thing at the beach was Jackson chasing the birds. Apparently, he was not very threatening to them, because the birds would never fly away. They just calmly walked around while Jackson chased them.

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a. maren said...

OMG is this THE jamie boyd? yeah yeah i think we might have dated for a while, if only cause i still have a shrine to you in my dresser drawer (i dont but i wish i did). how the heck are you? your little boy is just adorable. im so glad you found me!