Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sleeping Problems

Babies sleep funny. I keep thinking at some point, Jackson will realize that he is too long to sleep sideways in his bed, and he'll turn the normal way, but it hasn't happened yet. And he always pulls the blanket off of his body and covers his face with it. Maybe he needs darker curtains in his room?

On a side note, does anyone have any great tips for difficulty sleeping? Ever since I stopped working (and therefore stopped being so overwhelmed that I fell over dead every night at 10pm) I have gone back to having a really hard time sleeping. I'd love suggestions.


The Gotch Family said...

You could come back to work again and I promise to give you enough work to make you dead tired at night...probably not a good suggestion. Sorry you can't sleep. Alyssa sleeps sideways in her crib with her feet hanging out of the crib between the rails with a blanket on her face as well. Funny.

marianne said...

have another kid. ya, that will make you good and tired :)