Friday, February 19, 2010

Idaho, Valentine's Day, Family Photos

We spent a great week in Idaho and are still waiting for things to settle again. This week was filled with unpacking, cleaning, getting ready for tonight's event (more info after), and watching a lot of Lost. Somehow, Tyler and I got hooked on this show way after it was a hit. We're currently in the middle of season 3, so don't spoil it for us, but we've spent a little too much time on it this week. Next week I'm vowing to get back to normal life.
Even though we went to Idaho to see our brothers come home from their missions, somehow I didn't get any photos of either of them. In fact, I hardly got photos of anything, which probably means we were having too much fun to take them. Here's what we did get.
Jackson playing Rockband with my sister, although he just spotted the camera and put down the guitar to chase me for it.
The drums were his favorite. There's a video at the bottom of this post.

Checking the candy bowl. It was empty, thank goodness. He ate enough goodies last week to last him a lifetime.

Happy Valentine's Day. After receiving his presents, he learned a new word... "Pez!" We also got family photos taken with all of Tyler's family. I'm not sure about how the rights work yet, so I'll just post a link to the pictures for now.


The Piersons said...

Great pictures with the Boyd family. Your hair looks really cute!

We still haven't fallen into Lost, is it really that good? We talk about starting it but can't decide...

Kari said...

I just read your 'cute funnies' and i love them. esp. the neat freak story.