Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh Toyota

This is more details than you need, but seriously, last week was crazy. Feel free to skim-read. What a week! My computer broke, my car broke, and I had to give a talk in church. The talk was my fault. Last Monday I received a phone call from a Seattle number that I didn't recognize and my mind was screaming "don't answer, don't answer!"... but for some reason my finger pushed the talk button. And so I had to give a talk. Rookie mistake. Never answer on a Sunday (or Monday, apparently) if you don't know the number. It will always be a talk or a nursery calling. My computer stopped working last week. It was in barely-functional mode for days. Last night we almost ordered a new one, but decided to watch for a really good deal. Today, it miraculously works fine again. I'm nervous. And finally, we have been cautious about our Camry because of all the fuss in the news lately, but last week the Pocatello dealer called and said that the media was "making mountains out of molehills" and not to worry because our car was most likely not affected and we didn't need to take further action, so we didn't. Saturday, the accelarator stuck and Tyler hit a car. No damage was done (another miracle), but we called Toyota pretty upset. Today they took the Camry and gave us a loaner Yaris for the week while they wait for parts. The Yaris doesn't even fit Jackson's carseat correctly it's so tiny, and also, all manual locks, so I have to climb over the front seat to unlock the back door everytime I load Jackson. That doesn't work so well with a toddler. I don't know if we will continue to be Toyota loyalists after this. My faith has been shaken. But I guess it could have been worse. The computer could have completely shut down and lost all my files. Instead, it somehow fixed itself. The car accident could have been a lot more serious. And the talk actually went pretty well. Not to mention that my little brother comes home from Canada in a little over a week, and Tyler's brother is already home. We get to see him this Saturday! I suppose life is still good.
And I think Jackson can tell I'm a little strung out, because he's been extra snuggly lately. I look dumb in this picture, but I like how Jackson is just chilling in my lap. What a stud.

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Lara said...

My Chevy loyalty has been shaken just on the sheer principle of the fact that they accepted bail out money AND went bankrupt. I guess we'll all have to grit our teeth and drive Fords. :)

My laptop's charger (the one that came with it) died over Thankgiving. Instead of waiting to order one through Gateway, we bought a convertible one at the store thinking it would be smart since it fit both our computers. It was a piece of you know what. I hated it for it's entire short life. It broke last week and we taped it so it would keep working. then it broke some more and was overheating. We ordered a Gateway one last night.

For some reason I decided to check out my original charger, because I didn't know why it stopped working. And it worked! It worked all day yesterday and all day today. So we cancelled our order and are grateful for resurrected electronics.

But just tonight Justin's car broke down. He's being towed now. We think it's the transmission. So much for our puny savings account.

I guess the comments section isn't the place for all these stories. Sorry.