Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Picnic with Doggie

Tuesday was Jackson's 18 month check-up which included 2 shots and an iron test that involved drawing blood from his toe. It was a rough 2 hours at the doctor, and he yelled the entire time. I think he has figured out what happens each time we go there. Anyway, he was still a little upset with me yesterday, so I was hoping for some sunshine so we could go to the zoo. Instead, it rained all day. So we decided to have an indoor picnic and Jackson absolutely loved it. He even laid down in protest when I tried to clean up the "picnic blanket", so we ended up leaving it out all day. I'm not sure why having a blanket spread out in the living room is so fun, although I suppose I do remember sitting on one when I was younger and pretending to be Jasmine on a flying carpet. Of course, Doggie joined us for the picnic. Jackson got this dog for Christmas from my mom and he has really become attached. We named him Doggie to avoid any confusion, since Jackson is just starting to learn animal names. Jackson packs Doggie around the house and feeds him and shares his milk with him.
He makes sure Doggie gets lots of affection too. Sometimes I get jealous and have to remind Jackson that mommies need hugs and kisses too, which usually results in him letting me give Doggie a hug.

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