Monday, September 6, 2010

Randi, Brevic, Madden, and Alex

For Labor Day weekend, we had visitors from Idaho. Tyler's sister, Randi, and her husband Brevic and son Madden, and Tyler's brother, Alex. It was so fun to have family around. We had a blast. I love Seattle, I just wish it was closer to Pocatello so we could see everyone more often.
Jackson really enjoyed spending time with his only cousin. Jackson definately knows he is the older one, and he picked on Madden a lot, but in a few years they will be great friends.
The boys were lucky enough to meet a guy while golfing that gave us free Mariner's tickets in the fancy terrace seats.
Jackson with his uncle Alex
A beautiful sunset at Carkeek Beach
Big boys having fun on the little kid toys. The best part is clicking on the pictures and zooming in to look at their facial expressions. It was way more intense than it looks in these pictures.
In case you were doubting their speed, I slowed down the shutter speed in this picture so you can see their movement... kind of a cool effect. It also makes it look light outside, even though it wasn't.

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Call Commotion said...

So I was totally thinking about you during the game! I even asked Anson at one point who he thought you were rooting for! :) I knew that inside you were still all blue! You guys are almost 1/2 done! How awesome! It is a little crazy that we are all the way across the country from you - but if you ever wanna take a trip (or go on a cruise) come down and you have a free place to stay!