Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Zoo Therapy

Today we needed a zoo escape, just Jackson and me.
Favorite Jackson quote of the day:
(sternly pointing his finger) "Monkeys, No no! Too loud!"
Favorite moment of the day:
We were all by ourselves watching the snow leopards. They were, of course, all the way at the back of the exhibit, lounging on the rocks and doing nothing interesting. Then one of them stood up. He's ears perked up and he looked right at Jackson standing behind the glass all the way at the front end of the exhibit. He crouched down and glared. All of the sudden, he jumped off the rock and sprinted down the hill. He was to us in about 2 seconds and he ran right into the glass that Jackson was standing on the other side of. He got up, came back over and just stared at Jackson. Their noses were about 6 inches apart with a thin wall of glass between them. Jackson loved it. I was thinking of all those news stories where zoo animals get out and attack guests.
My favorite animal of the day:
The brown bear, but only because he came over and lounged on the rocks right in front of us. It was the best view we've ever gotten of him.
a very poorly taken photograph, but Jackson wanted to be in one with the bear


Traci said...

I wish we could have come with you!! I miss zoo therapy. Miss you guys too. (1 rotation almost down, 2 more to go and we'll be back to hang out!)

The Gotch Family said...

We went to the Hogle Zoo a few weeks ago in Salt Lake. It was awesome. The kids are at a great age, very interested in animals and animal sounds. You are lucky, I wish I had more time to take my kids more often. Enjoy staying at home as much as possible. Once/if you work full time again you will really miss it! Remember how hard it was to drop him off everyday :(