Friday, May 4, 2012


Some of the Hawkins family visited us in April... or was it March? Man, where is the time going?

Also, why are there not more pictures of their visit?

It was so fun having them here. We all enjoyed the new Hunger Games in IMAX, a trip to Miner's Landing for the arcade and carousel, a fabulous art show for the girls and disc golf for the boys.
Swimming was a blast. I'm pretty sure my dad still holds the record for the fastest time down the speed water slide. His technique is perfect.

Jackson and Aunt Whitney using the spray toys

We visited Krispy Kreme for the "After 9pm Half Price Special"... twice

On the carousel... not much of a picture
It was such a fun week. Jackson cried when they left. He spent the following weeks mailing pictures to them and crying everytime he thought about them being gone. His favorite make believe game is when go on the space ship to Idaho and visit Grandma. We are excited to see them briefly in June and see EVERYONE in August. Can't wait!

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