Sunday, May 6, 2012

Buzz, Artist, Sunburns, and Sleep Violations

We babysat Jackson's friend and she showed up in her Jesse costume. Jackson immediately ran into his room and put on his Buzz outfit. It was quite the night, complete with staged weddings, Dance Central, and making Fisher be Bullseye.

Trying out the front screen on our new Bloggie Camera. The front screen is great for take-it-yourself photos, our facial expressions are not as great...

I love that Tyler is sporting his short sleeve mission shirt. The long sleeves were too painful on his golf burn.

Taking a fantastic nap... this violates every one of the safe-baby-sleep-rules. Don't worry, I laid next to him the entire time.

Making a bird feeder at preschool... Jackson is SO serious when it comes to his artwork.

Our awesome new Joovy Caboose stroller. It solves all the world's problems, or at least the problem of a toddler that thinks he's too big to sit in a stroller, but still too small to run beside me when I workout. He can hop on and off as he pleases. It's a miracle. I feel so mobile again.

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t.t.turner said...

That stroller is awesome! Cute Jackson - I love that focus. Cute, cute boys.