Thursday, May 3, 2012


I often have people ask me if I'll keep having kids until I get a girl. I don't really think of it like that. I love boys, and I would be perfectly content with a family of all boys.
Sure, I gaze at cute little Easter dresses with a twinge of hope, and I did once tear up when shopping for a baby girl baby shower. Ribbons and bows would be fun. But there is just something special about my boys. I love them.

It's so fun watching them become friends. Each night, Jackson and Fisher have "Fisher snuggles time". They lay in Jackson's bed together, looking at the Lite Brite or the glowing star turtle, and just giggle. Jackson will talk and talk and Fisher just stares at his face and listens with a big smile. It's adorable.

I love them and I love how much they love eachother. Fisher's face lights up when he spots Jackson across the room. He does the rubber neck everytime Jackson walks past. Jackson can keep Fisher entertained for hours.


Erin_C said...

Fisher is looking so much like Jackson! They are such cute boys. It is weird when people say things like what they say about having a girl. When people see the twins are a boy and a girl, I always get "Oh, good! Now you don't have to have any more." Strange.

robin marie said...

fisher in the beanie in the bottom picture! oh. my. gosh.