Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Never-ending Easter

Holidays tend to go on and on in our house. It's like I haven't quite decided which traditions I want yet, so I just try a little of everything. Easter was no exception. We had so much fun and Jackson just finished off the last piece of Easter candy tonight (thank heavens).
At the Ravenna easter egg hunt

At the Laurel Village easter egg hunt

Watching a movie in preparation for Scott's easter egg hunt

Fisher was not a fan of the confetti eggs that Scott made, although Tyler sure had fun with them

Attempted Easter family photo. Nice profile, Fish.

Scott's egg hunt was a week after Easter and the kids went crazy for it. So fun.

We tried to include Fisher in the egg dying festivities. I think he enjoyed himself.

Easter morning. Fisher got baby food and baby spoons. Jackson did a little better than that.

Hunting for eggs...LOVE THIS PICTURE. It's so classic Easter morning.

Mmm... mushed peas. Just what you always wanted from the Easter bunny.

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