Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Few of Our Favorite Things

These are a few of our favorite things. (Okay, so I admit this list is loosely based on which cute pictures I found on the camera and phone) 1. Seattle Public Library - Maybe it's because I grew up in Pocatello, but the library system here is amazing to me. They have 30+ branches and you just go online and pick the books, music cd's, and dvd's that you want, and then you select the library location closest to your house, and then they ship them to that library and have them all ready for you when you get there. Plus, Jackson really loves the mini beanbag chairs... and the stacks and stacks of story books. I'm just grateful that Jackson is finally interested in story books, because the one word baby picture books were getting a little boring for me. 2. Top Pot Donuts - conveniently located right next door to our branch of the library. I'm afraid we may be stopping there each time we go to the library. It's just too good and too convenient right there. And some how, in my mind, the "healthy" activity of reading books counter-balances the "unhealthy" donuts. I don't know why reading counts as healthy, but it just does.
3. Yummy Teriyaki - That's the actual name of the restaurant. It's officially the greatest teriyaki in Seattle (technically in Redmond, but worth the 15 minute drive). We went there with some friends last night and it was amazing, as usual. Plus, the owners are Korean so Tyler gets to chat with them in his mission language. Always fun. And Jackson actually likes their Korean cabbage salad.
4. Skullcandy Headphones - A Christmas gift from uncle Jason, originally intended for Tyler, but taken over by Jackson (although Tyler still uses them too). Jackson doesn't even care if they are plugged into anything. He just runs around the house wearing them. And when Tyler acutally puts music in the headphones, Jackson goes crazy. One of these days I will catch video of him dancing... I'm determined!
I really should quit telling him to "show" me his smile. Apparently "show" means to point to your smile and then push so hard that your face gets smashed beyond recognition.


Traci said...

I love the library here too! It's completely amazing. Cute pictures!

two forks said...

love the seattle library - love doughnuts and love teriyaki!