Sunday, March 21, 2010

Friday Harbor

*I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the blogging world that doesn't like the photo slideshows. I like to be able to quickly scroll through, skip the boring pictures, and spend more time on the pictures I like :) So here is a very lengthy photo list of our trip.
Friday Harbor was awesome. We loved it and will definately be going back any chance we get. The place we stayed at was great too, the Earthbox Motel for anyone who lives in this area and wants a great weekend getaway. Apparently it is still the off-season up there, so we got an awesome deal on the motel and had the beaches, swimming pool, and restaurants mostly to ourselves all weekend. The weather was gorgeous though.
Waiting for the ferry
Jackson enjoyed playing driver while we waited. I'm pretty sure he pushed every button in our car. The windshield wipers were his favorite.
We really enjoyed the ferry ride. That San Juan Islands are absolutely gorgeous. It was thick forested similar to Island Park, but surrounded by water. Beautiful.
A lady recommended Jackson Beach to us when she heard us saying Jackson's name at lunch.
Like all kids, Jackson really loved throwing rocks/stick/sand/handfuls of clay mud in the water. As we were leaving, he tossed a couple more pebbles into the puddle in the parking lot... hehe.
He enjoyed the swimming pool & hot tub too. He was a little too brave, and would dive into the water at you, whether you were ready to catch him or not. We only had one accident. He was sitting right next to both of us and just dove in, so we had to fish him out. He was a little shaken but got over it quickly.
Funny faces
Even though it was supposed to be relaxing, we still came home exhausted. That always happens.


Erin_C said...

looks like a fun trip! and i don't like slideshows either. just want to see a couple good pictues, not every one;-)

ps. i LOVE that yellow purse. very cute.

Lara said...

I don't really like slideshows either. For a long time, I thought I was the only one. That people didn't like "long posts" to scroll through. But now I think slide shows are way more annoying that long posts. So I'm with ya on that!