Sunday, March 7, 2010

Look... I'm famous

My friend, Lara, is an incredible writer. Her blog, Pocket Full of Prose, is one of my all-time favorite blogs and I would definately recommend it if you are ever blog browsing. Her blog is also quite popular, so she gets to do fun things like "guest bloggers". I've told her before that even though I stay home, I have a rule to never spend more than an hour a day on cleaning, and usually I keep it to about 30 minutes. She was asking how I keep my house clean in a short amount of time so I sent her a silly little email about some tricks that I use, and she asked if she could post it on her blog. So if any of you are interested, here it is. But really, you she read her other posts. She's great. Love ya, Lara!


Lara said...

Well, you are my first guest blogger, and you're the one making me famous, haha!

THanks for the tips, though, I'm already starting to incorporate them.

Alyssa said...

YOu are one the most efficient people I know. So this article comes at no surprise to me!