Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh Baby!

Dear Jim & Pam,
I have watched you from the beginning. I don't know what makes you such a perfect couple, but you are.
Perhaps it was the years of waiting?
You have always been and will always be my favorite fake couple.
The first time you kissed, I became an Office fan for life.

I held my breath as you proposed

(and everytime you did a fake proposal, and then I always yelled at the TV when I realized it was fake)

I cried during your wedding... not just one little tear. I sobbed.

And tonight I get to witness the next step in the wonderfulness of Jim + Pam = JAM.
(but don't really name your baby Jam... that would be weird)
Can't wait!


Lara said...

Stupid schedules. We always wait until the season is over and then have a marathon and watch all the episodes on Netflix. We just finished last season last weekend...where they found out they were pregnant at the company picnic. I'm sad I'll have to wait six months or more to watch the birth of Jam.

Traci said...


(p.s. I just finished watching it and it was awesome!! Glad they didn't name her Jam though...)

Melissa Giles said...

Awww! I am so with you! Love love, Jim and Pam!

Kari Peterson said...

Yes i agree. It's bad when our 4 year old wakes up and asked if Pam has had her baby........ahhh I love it.